CNC Wirecut EDM Machine Model PDK7735
CNC Wirecut EDM Machine Model PDK7735
₹ 597,000.00₹695,000.00

General Details:
model: PDK7735
Material: Cast Iron
Machine tool body’s outline dimensions: 1750*1250*2000 mm
Machine tool’s total power: 2 KW
Machine Weight: 1400 Kgs
Machining precision(cutting octagon): 0.015 mm
Maximum cutting speed: 100 (mm²/min)
Maximum cutting taper: 6° (°/80mm)
Maximum work piece cutting thickness: 400 mm
Motor: Step Motor (X/Y,U/V)
Programming and Controlling: HL,HF,AUTOCUT
Voltage supply: 3PH 380V 50Hz
Wire electrode diameter: 0.18 mm
Worktable Size: 380*650 mm
Worktable Travel: 350*450 mm
Worktable’s maximum load: 300 Kgs

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